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Kou's Trade Post

Hellooo, and welcome to my trade post! (^-^*)/ Feel free to check out my card collections and send me a trade request if I have anything you're looking for! You can request via the trade form, my forum wish list (if I have one), by my profile on the TCG, or by e-mailing me at kou.tcg[at] if none of those work. (This collective is managed with eTCG by Bloo.)

Trade Me

  1. Please allow me 7 days to respond! If I haven't responded by then, feel free to cancel or resend the request, as I might've missed it! Please also check my pending section or log; I may have completed the trade and the e-mail just didn't go through.
  2. Please spell out card names completely and separate each card by a comma, or else the form will not go through! (e.g. "deckname08/09" is bad, "deckname08, deckname09" is good)
  3. If the form doesn't work, you can also e-mail your request to: kou.tcg[at]

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