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Kou's Trade Post

Hellooo, and welcome to my trade post! (^-^*)/ Feel free to check out my card collections and send me a trade request if I have anything you're looking for! You can request via the trade form, my forum wish list (if I have one), by my profile on the TCG, or by e-mailing me at kou.tcg[at] if none of those work. (This collective is managed with eTCG by Bloo.)

Trading Academy

Joined; July 7, 2015
Card Count; 167
Wish List;
  1. anything sailor moon
  2. rumors
  3. oni
  4. anatolia

Please say Kou referred you if you join!

Assorted Stuff


Member Cards


cosmic (6/25)



Pending Trades

Activity Log

Special Birthday Coupon: umbrella01, umbrella04, umbrella08, umbrella17, jellyfish07, 3 fame, 2 coupons
New Decks (7/23): jellyfish04, pastry13, oaktree24
Jirachi (Roax): rumors 08
Jirachi (Sepia): anatolia05, oni23
Police Report: greenglass125, sumaru09, truth107
Voices: battledoll17, sern116, sos14
Jigsaw: blastia14, bodyguards223, sonsofsatan24
Who Drew: designworks06, whiterose11, zodiac12
Relationships: blancetnoir21, exorcists109, hagoromo11
Re-Cover: forgemasters05, 1 coupon
Puzzle: bladechildren15, objection11, oddsandends115
Freebies: happiness17, nightmare208, umbrella20, voice03
Slots (3 matches): marriage10, ruins05, truehistory24, 1 coupon
War (Lose): traceon118
Pickpocket: compileheart224, hagoromo13

Lottery: heartegg114, landmark15
Mega Memory: furies206, millennium03, unlucky103

Relationships: family18, thebelow04, zodiac16
Re-Cover: contractkiss09, 1 coupon
Trivia: esteria24, highjump109, pureblood07
Puzzle: clow219, imanity13, southside23
Freebies: kazuaki221, shoujo07, stardrops116, stardrops121
Slots (3 matches): carnelian102, compileheart105, memoryofjade113, 1 coupon
War (Lose): weather23
Pickpocket: checkmate21, truth224
Lottery: ambition113, nightmare112
Mega Memory: glasses18, pandora120, strongwill11

Star (grey): loveworks04, reincarnation22, lily115, 1 Fame
Card Swap: goldenwitch13 for oni25
Card Swap: moondreams106 for spring13

Group Collect: oneyearwar18, azel05, northside01, vampirereign24, goldenwitch13, prism12 (gave demonking109, sapphire06, detective124)
Fallen Phrases: deathscythe24, feathers207, rain05, redhair24, wildflower17, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): falselove05, iloveyou05, paperdolls01, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: noa17, truth123
Puzzle Series: hitsuzen125, sasshi18
Puzzle Series: detective124, moondreams106
Puzzle Series: detective220, spira13
No Template: compileheart223, sevencolors08, traceon203
Lost Brush: clow307, dollars07, photograph18, prism11
Police Report: highjump205, malice21, sinners14
Soundtrack: magitek05, mysidian14, 1 coupon
Voices: demons19, konpeito01, sos13
Game World: redprince21, spring22, stepbrothers122
Jigsaw: lucius22, truehistory16, vampirekiller22
Warped: akademeia11, kazuaki209, revolution112, stepbrothers204
Who Drew: pirates418, studentcouncil18, void218
Relationships: compileheart209, falselove03, umbrella03
Re-Cover: graph25, 1 coupon
Trivia: demonking109, orion17, sevencolors15
Puzzle: madoka12, sapphire06, wildflower14
Freebies: einherjar23, guardians201, phantomthief03, reiatsu24
Slots (3 matches): humanflesh21, pure05, theguardian04, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: behelit06, cephiro204
War (Win): lesson25, sixstars22
Lottery: anatolia09, sixstars14
Mega Memory: humanflesh07, lcie122, rebellion22
Starter Pack: cosmic01, cosmic16, cosmic12, hitsuzen206, huke10, bahamut125, bathtub22, greenglass205, highschool111, sakuratree07

Trade Log

Traded Kairi: my pastry13 for theguardian12

Traded Lex: my happiness17, highjump109, highjump205, kazuaki209, kazuaki221 for greenglass109, hagoromo10, huke07, humanflesh18, studentcouncil02, member cards

Traded Mirai: my clow219, dollars07, southside23, truth224 for bahamut103, bahamut120, imanity11, spring11, member cards

Traded Hotaru: my cephiro204 for cosmic04, member cards
Traded Kairi: my checkmate21, shoujo07 for bahamut114, umbrella11, member cards
Traded Roax: my vampirereign24, thebelow04 for bahamut123, studentcouncil09
Traded lenamii: my lcie122 for cosmic05, member cards
Traded Samichan: my phantomthief03, redhair24 for eternal06, eternal09
Traded Momo: my pirates418, sinners14, stepbrothers122, redprince21, northside01, noa17 for greenglass216, revolution105, theguardian08, theguardian21, umbrella18, oni15

Traded Mousey: my photograph18 for bahamut118, member cards
Traded samichan: my feathers207, rebellion22, spira13, hitsuzen125, hitsuzen206, wildflower14, wildflower17 for greenglass204, revolution101, revolution106, revolution117, revolution119, studentcouncil04, umbrella15, member cards

Traded Vanja: my traceon203, sos13 for cosmic23, bahamut121, member cards
Traded Roax: my falselove05 for bahamut112

Traded Lethe: my truehistory16 for bahamut102, member cards

Traded sujini: my clow307, reiatsu24, truth123 for theguardian20, theguardian25, umbrella25, member cards